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North Haven, CT

[Four Stars]

I felt like I needed to break up my day and go exploring on the old lunch 1/2 hour.  I had the jones for some Mexican food, and not a lot of time.  I had looked up Sloppy Joses earlier in day and to my disappointment, they are closed during lunch.

I was half tempted to go to Taco Bell and get the pregnant lady special (aka the Bean Burrito Al Fresco.)  The beans aren't fried, just rehydrated.  What can you expect when you are expecting?  How about a full days supply of Fiber for $.99.

I was  at the intersection of the Naugatuck Ave and the Post Road, about to make the turn, and looked to my left.   I saw the Milford Pizza sign,  with "Mexican Food" written in as an afterthought.  Curious, I drove into the plaza. I figured I'd seen Poochie's Drive-In show on the Food Network eat good tacos at a gas station, I figured how bad could it be?

I checked out the menu.  There was a large variety of items, from  burgers to chimichangas.   The menu had your basic tacos and quesadillas. It also had more ethnic favorites like tongue and chorizo.
I went for the Carne Enchilada Torta (Spicy Pork Sandwich).  Spicy pork patty, melted cheese, fresh Guacamole, grilled onions and beans on expertly toasted roll.  It took a little longer than the Bell, but well worth the wait.  

I'm happy to add it to my work lunch rotation, and i think its definitively worth checking out!


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